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clutch flywheel brakes

About us

Orca Clutch was founded in 1949 by John Buttery. They were the first company to re-manufacture a clutch in Britain. Since becoming Orca Clutch in the late 1980's we have gained a vast knowledge of currently existing and obsolete clutch components, as well as an expanded library of clutch specifications and have amassed over 50 years experience in the field.
We are a leading supplier of handmade and hand repaired clutches in the UK, All of our clutches are built individually and are tested for lift and load, as a result of this you can expect our clutches to live a long lasted life.
We also offer an 'off the shelf' service (as long as we have them in stock) as well as rebuilds and restoration depending on what it is you need.  You can trust that we are experts within our field!

clutch flywheel brakes

we use a 24 hour courier service to dispatch our goods (although this is not guaranteed). old units are collected once an arrangement has been made with ourselves with a convenient time for the customer to do so.

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