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clutch brake flywheel


Our flywheel engineers have been dedicated to machining and repairing flywheels for over 30 years.
Our specification library ranges from commercial, agricultural  to off-road and includes a lot of custom specifications to prepare for any circumstance. You can be rest assured your flywheel will be in safe hands.

flywheel insert

Orca flywheel insert system

Here at Orca Clutch we have devised a system that allows us to re-use worn out flywheels. We  machine material out of the worn flywheel and replace it with a machined wear plate, which when bolted into place produces a flywheel that is back to O.E specifications.
Not only is this cost effective it allows the user to have any future flywheels replaced more easily and with less down time to the vehicle.

flywheel machining

Precision engineering

Here at Orca Clutch we have amassed a vast collection of flywheel specifications, allowing the engineer to produce accurate O.E flywheels every time.
Each time a new flywheel is brought to us new specifications are taken and added to our catalogue for future reference.

flywheel skim flywheel insert  o.e flywheels

Vast array of stock

Over the years we have amassed a vast collection of stock flywheels, many of which are machined out and ready for a wear plate to be inserted.
If we have your exact flywheel in our stock its just of a case of sending our newly machined unit in exchange for your old unit.

flywheel skim

Flywheel skimming

In some cases flywheels are able to be skimmed on our grinding machine giving it a brand new surface.

PLEASE NOTE: all of our units are service exchange so will require a serviceable unit in exchange.

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