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Brake And Reline Services

Here at Orca Clutch we have a fully trained brake technician. We are able to reline most friction surfaces with a choice of material ranging from woven,  to half baked with options on softness/hardness. We keep a vast stock of material in house, so choosing the right material for your needs is made easy.

brake shoe reline

Brake shoes

Brake shoes are part of a drum brake system. Brake shoes are crescent-shaped components with a rough friction material on one side. They sit inside of a brake drum. When the brake pedal is pressed, the brake shoes are forced outward, pushing against the inside of the brake drum and slowing down the wheel.
Drum brakes and brake shoes are parts of an older type of braking system and have become less common on modern vehicles. However, some vehicle models will have drum brakes on the rear wheels since drum brakes are more affordable to manufacture.

woven brake reline material

Material options for your brakes

There are three basic types of replacement linings being used in today's marketplace. Although most manufacturers like to keep their recipe hidden from their competitors, and up to 20 different ingredients are blended into proprietary linings, all fall into one of three categories: non-asbestos organic, semi-metallic or ceramic.
Non-asbestos linings were the first type used in automotive production as a direct replacement for the asbestos linings. These are made from organic fibers bonded by pressure and held in shape by a glue. One of the major organic fibers used is obtained from coconut shells, but usually organic brake linings will be made from a combination of several proven plant-derived fibers. Non-asbestos linings will also have a small amount of metal content in them, usually brass filings, which helps to dissipate heat while adding abrasiveness, but non-asbestos linings do not contain more than 10 to 20 percent metal.

cone clutch reline

Cone Clutches

Cone Clutch is a type of frictional clutch. It is used to engage and disengage engine shaft to the transmission box shaft while changing gear ratio.
Cone clutch uses two conical surfaces to transmit torque by friction. One surface is called male member and another one is called female member.
Cone clutch is easier to engage and disengage as compared to a positive displacement clutch which was used before cone clutches were invented.
Higher torque can be transferred using the cone clutch than same size of plate clutch due to greater contact area.
The driving shaft and the driven shaft must be perfectly coaxial for efficient functioning of the clutch.
This clutch can be used where high torque transmission is required at low rotating speed. So, this type of clutch is widely is heavy vehicles.

brake band reline

Brake bands

A band brake is comprised of friction material that tightens when the brake is applied. The material, or brake bands, wraps around the brake drum, ceasing movement. A brake band needs to endure a moderate amount of pressure and tension throughout the braking process. Most brake bands are made from steel or iron with an inner housing of resistance material.
The majority of band brakes are single-acting, known as a simple band brake. However, Knott Brake also carries double-acting band brakes for specialized needs.

Brakes: Features
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